About us

We are Marilo and Cristina, sisters and founders of Moss Accent Decor. We are originally from Malaga, Spain, but we reside in London and California respectively.
Moss was created to help our customers find creative home decor solutions. We, originally, specialized on the design of exclusive table tray centerpieces that arrive as a kit. But, this is not the only thing we love, so we recently expanded our brand to a lifestyle one, also including in our catalog accessories made and designed by talented and creative women in our home country.
We love LIFE, and specially since we became mothers just a few years ago, we decided we wanted to live a good one, doing what we enjoy, being the owners of our time, and creating and sharing a lifestyle that maybe can inspire others.
We are here to share with you and get inspired by you as well. Do you want to be our friend? 
Cristina & Marilo