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I found Yoga or Yoga found me over 15 years ago. The practice provides tools I can use on my yoga mat and also outside the yoga studio, in real life situations. Living according to yoga principles makes me happier, more serene, and content. It is not easy to keep a balance, it requires daily work, and I get off the wagon once in a while too. But when that happens, I know deep inside that I need to go back to the yoga studio or these days, find inspirational teachers for an online session.

What I love most about this discipline is that the physical and the inner practices will never be never stop learning and growing. The more you know, the more you realize you have to learn and work on. It is a humbling experience. Personally, I love that kind of motivation in life: knowing there is always room to grow, live new experiences, and improve.



Easy: a comfortable yoga outfit (breathable yoga pants and shirt) I practice several sports and I'm a big believer on the right attire and quality of the clothing items, believe me, in a hot yoga class it will make a huge difference! you'll also need a  good yoga mat (again it makes a difference), a towel, and water depending how hot is your studio. I've been practicing hot yoga for many years, and the benefits you get from being in a super hot and humid room are not only physical but mental too. And finally and most important: an open mind. When you walk into a Yoga studio there is no judgment. The only competitor you'll find in the studio is yourself. If you are able to channel this opportunity the right way, you are going to be limitless in any aspect of your life. 

Stay tuned for future posts related to yoga, the importance of good breathing, and ways to find balance in your life.



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  • Yoga provides me peace of mind and body.

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