How To Create a Hygge Atmosphere.

Posted by Cristina Perez on

What is Hygge?

Northern European countries are the creators and masters of Hygge (pronounced Hooga). One way (among many others) to explain this style/way of living is a cozy environment surrounded by the people you feel more comfortable with. Due to climate and Sun hours, Nordic people spend many months in their homes. And now due to the Covid-19 crisis, the rest of the World is learning to do that too.

For Nordic people life happens mostly at home. The gatherings, the cooking, the playing... They have mastered the creation of really cozy places. In the last few years that trend has started spreading around the World too.

Your HOME should be YOUR TEMPLE, it should be the place where you long to arrive after a long trip, after a hard day at work or a challenging time in your life. Home should be where YOU WANT to be, if it is NOT that place yet, you should start working on making the necessary changes so it happens. YOU DESERVE IT.

  Items that will make your home more "hygeellig"

  • A comfortable seating area (a couch, a loveseat, a reading name it)
  • Candles (lots of them, light them up every evening!!)
  • Books 
  • Things made out of wood (trays, picture frames, tables...)
  • A high quality soft blanket
  • A teapot (are you a tea drinker?...there is a ritual on every cup of tea. You can never drink tea in a has to be at the right moment.

One of the most important Hygge factors (and my very favorite): delicious food!

As a confessed foodie who can actually plan any trip around restaurants, local gastronomy and new cuisines, this is my very favorite factor on the Hygge lifestyle. A perfect gathering of delicious food and the people you love to be around the most. Personally, that beats anything in this life! and if the event can take place al Fresco in a nice Spring or Summer night that's extra points for the "Hyggiliest" experience...


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