How to Decorate with Trays

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When my twins were 2 years old I decided it was time to bring back from our  garage our highly missed glass, mirror, and metal coffee table (probably not the safest materials around toddlers for sure ...but it is still there in one piece ...even though it doesn't last very clean for too long...).

The table stayed in the living room for a few months empty, sad...and I couldn't really find a good way to decorate it or bring that space to life. One day, I started researching on Pinterest, gathering ideas...and I came up with the idea of a tray with multiple objects on it. It would be easy to remove (just one piece) when you have to clear the table. Then, I went out and about to a couple of home decor stores to gather several items that will work well together (candle holder, candles, greenery pot, reed diffuser) until I was able to create a balanced composition that actually brought up the table and the entire space. Some friends commented a few times how much they liked it...and believe it or not (more or less) that is how MOSS Accent Decor was born. 

Here is a look at that first composition:


I have loved trays since then. Actually they are one of our Star Product in our catalog. Trays are so resourceful, they can be used to transport items or food, to storage useful things, and also as a base for a centerpiece. We have customers placing theirs in the entryway, living room, kitchen island, or even their bathrooms! you'll be surprised what a nice touch can add to that space.

Tips to design your own centerpiece

1. Apply the principle of symmetry. It is important to use the space correctly for a nice visual impact. You can divide the table in four equal spaces, but if you have a tray you can just condense everything on it because it is a square or round geometric shape.

2. Gather several items: greenery for a touch from Nature, light and movement with a candle, an animal figurine for another element from Nature, add visually heavy objects and also tall items to bring balance to your composition.

3.Follow the rule of three. Group three items together, sometimes two of the same nature plus a third one. It works really well if they can form an imaginary geometric shape (like a triangle) because  is attractive visually to the eye.

Here are some ideas:

At Moss Accent Decor we offer free design services. If you can't find what you are looking for in our predesigned kits, contact us, and let us know what you are trying to accomplish. We will be happy to assist you in creating the best piece for your favorite table! We are happy to help!

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