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How to succeed decorating a room when you don't know where to start.

Did you just  get your living room remodeled? maybe the keys to your new house? or perhaps you just moved into your first apartment solo? No matter how big or small is your space, it is nice to make it feel cozy and personal.

That area should be the place where you want to be on a rainy Saturday evening, and also on a Monday off...if you have no idea how to start the process of decorating it, here we offer you some tips to start right away and get a successful result.

Fashion and interior decoration are well related. The use of patterns and color combinations have to be mastered if you want to acquire a good final product. Just a few experts are really good at that...for the vast majority of mortals, I would say that starting with neutral tones will be a great start and probably a great ending too. For some, it might seem boring but you will be able to create an environment that will last for a long time without seem outdated (as opposite as following trends). And I promise you, the result will be outstanding.

When you mix items, linens, fabrics, and pieces that are in the range of whites, beiges, light grays, natural wood tones...it is materialistically impossible to go wrong. The most important thing is: to STICK to those neutrals, no matter what. I know it might seem boring for some people, but believe me, if the purpose of your decor project is to create a welcoming and relaxed environment, you won't go wrong with it. 

It is also important, if possible, to invest your money in some good basic items: the linens, some accents, make sure they are long lasting items that won't deteriorate quickly. For example, in the case of bedding, it makes a huge difference to buy a good quality cotton or linen duvet cover. Same with your sofa pillows, make sure they are cute and durable.

In the last few years I have love the idea of "Totals", a room where the walls, the couch, the floors, the furniture, and accent pieces are all within the same range of neutrals, that combination instills balance. Start there, and once you are almost done, go ahead and add a touch of something you really would like to see in that room that it is not within the neutrals range.That piece will pop up immediately!

Here is some visual inspiration to start with your project right away!






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